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org::jfree::data::xy::IntervalXYDataset Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jfree::data::xy::IntervalXYDataset:

org::jfree::data::xy::XYDataset org::jfree::data::general::SeriesDataset org::jfree::data::general::Dataset org::jfree::data::general::CombinedDataset org::jfree::data::general::SubSeriesDataset org::jfree::data::statistics::HistogramDataset org::jfree::data::statistics::SimpleHistogramDataset org::jfree::data::time::DynamicTimeSeriesCollection org::jfree::data::time::TimePeriodValuesCollection org::jfree::data::time::TimeSeriesCollection org::jfree::data::time::TimeTableXYDataset org::jfree::data::xy::AbstractIntervalXYDataset org::jfree::data::xy::CategoryTableXYDataset org::jfree::data::xy::DefaultTableXYDataset org::jfree::data::xy::XIntervalSeriesCollection org::jfree::data::xy::XYBarDataset org::jfree::data::xy::XYIntervalSeriesCollection org::jfree::data::xy::XYSeriesCollection org::jfree::data::xy::YIntervalSeriesCollection

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Detailed Description

An extension of the XYDataset interface that allows a range of data to be defined for the X values, the Y values, or both the X and Y values. This interface is used to support (among other things) bar plots against numerical axes.

Definition at line 52 of file IntervalXYDataset.java.

Public Member Functions

void addChangeListener (DatasetChangeListener listener)
DomainOrder getDomainOrder ()
Number getEndX (int series, int item)
double getEndXValue (int series, int item)
Number getEndY (int series, int item)
double getEndYValue (int series, int item)
DatasetGroup getGroup ()
int getItemCount (int series)
int getSeriesCount ()
Comparable getSeriesKey (int series)
Number getStartX (int series, int item)
double getStartXValue (int series, int item)
Number getStartY (int series, int item)
double getStartYValue (int series, int item)
Number getX (int series, int item)
double getXValue (int series, int item)
Number getY (int series, int item)
double getYValue (int series, int item)
int indexOf (Comparable seriesKey)
void removeChangeListener (DatasetChangeListener listener)
void setGroup (DatasetGroup group)

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