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void org::jfree::experimental::chart::renderer::xy::XYSmoothLineAndShapeRenderer::drawSecondaryPass ( Graphics2D  g2,
XYPlot  plot,
XYDataset  dataset,
int  pass,
int  series,
int  item,
ValueAxis  domainAxis,
Rectangle2D  dataArea,
ValueAxis  rangeAxis,
CrosshairState  crosshairState,
EntityCollection  entities 
) [inline, protected]

Draws the item shapes and adds chart entities (second pass). This method draws the shapes which mark the item positions. If entities is not null it will be populated with entity information for points that fall within the data area.

g2 the graphics device.
plot the plot (can be used to obtain standard color information etc).
domainAxis the domain axis.
dataArea the area within which the data is being drawn.
rangeAxis the range axis.
dataset the dataset.
pass the pass.
series the series index (zero-based).
item the item index (zero-based).
crosshairState the crosshair state.
entities the entity collection.

Reimplemented from org::jfree::chart::renderer::xy::XYLineAndShapeRenderer.

Definition at line 160 of file XYSmoothLineAndShapeRenderer.java.

        // super.drawSecondaryPass(g2, plot, dataset, pass, series, item, 
        // domainAxis, dataArea, rangeAxis, crosshairState, entities);

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