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Object org::jfree::data::xy::XYBarDataset::clone (  )  throws CloneNotSupportedException [inline]

Returns an independent copy of the dataset. Note that:

  • the underlying dataset is only cloned if it implements the PublicCloneable interface;
  • the listeners registered with this dataset are not carried over to the cloned dataset.

An independent copy of the dataset.
CloneNotSupportedException if the dataset cannot be cloned for any reason.

Reimplemented from org::jfree::data::general::AbstractDataset.

Definition at line 372 of file XYBarDataset.java.

References underlying.

Referenced by org::jfree::data::xy::junit::XYBarDatasetTests::testCloning().

        XYBarDataset clone = (XYBarDataset) super.clone();
        if (this.underlying instanceof PublicCloneable) {
            PublicCloneable pc = (PublicCloneable) this.underlying;
            clone.underlying = (XYDataset) pc.clone();
        return clone;

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