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Object org::jfree::data::DefaultKeyedValues::clone (  )  throws CloneNotSupportedException [inline]

Returns a clone.

A clone.
CloneNotSupportedException this class will not throw this exception, but subclasses might.

Definition at line 462 of file DefaultKeyedValues.java.

References indexMap, keys, and values.

Referenced by org::jfree::data::general::DefaultPieDataset::clone(), and org::jfree::data::junit::DefaultKeyedValuesTests::testCloning().

        DefaultKeyedValues clone = (DefaultKeyedValues) super.clone();
        clone.keys = (ArrayList) this.keys.clone();
        clone.values = (ArrayList) this.values.clone();
        clone.indexMap = (HashMap) this.indexMap.clone();
        return clone;

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