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Range org::jfree::chart::renderer::xy::XYBarRenderer::findDomainBounds ( XYDataset  dataset  )  [inline]

Returns the lower and upper bounds (range) of the x-values in the specified dataset. Since this renderer uses the x-interval in the dataset, this is taken into account for the range.

dataset the dataset (null permitted).
The range (null if the dataset is null or empty).

Reimplemented from org::jfree::chart::renderer::xy::AbstractXYItemRenderer.

Reimplemented in org::jfree::chart::renderer::xy::ClusteredXYBarRenderer.

Definition at line 922 of file XYBarRenderer.java.

        if (dataset != null) {
            return DatasetUtilities.findDomainBounds(dataset, true);
        else {
            return null;

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