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Paint org::jfree::chart::renderer::AbstractRenderer::getItemLabelPaint (  )  [inline, inherited]

Returns the paint used for all item labels. This may be null, in which case the per series paint settings will apply.

The paint (possibly null).
This method should no longer be used (as of version 1.0.6). It is sufficient to rely on getSeriesItemLabelPaint(int) and getBaseItemLabelPaint().

Definition at line 2411 of file AbstractRenderer.java.

References org::jfree::chart::renderer::AbstractRenderer::itemLabelPaint.

Referenced by org::jfree::chart::renderer::xy::AbstractXYItemRenderer::drawItemLabel(), org::jfree::chart::renderer::category::BarRenderer::drawItemLabel(), and org::jfree::chart::renderer::category::AbstractCategoryItemRenderer::drawItemLabel().

        return this.itemLabelPaint;

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