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org::jfree::chart::plot::CrosshairState Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Maintains state information about crosshairs on a plot between successive calls to the renderer's draw method. This class is used internally by JFreeChart - it is not intended for external use.

Definition at line 60 of file CrosshairState.java.

Public Member Functions

 CrosshairState (boolean calculateDistanceInDataSpace)
 CrosshairState ()
Point2D getAnchor ()
double getAnchorX ()
double getAnchorY ()
double getCrosshairDistance ()
double getCrosshairX ()
double getCrosshairY ()
int getDomainAxisIndex ()
int getRangeAxisIndex ()
void setAnchor (Point2D anchor)
void setAnchorX (double x)
void setAnchorY (double y)
void setCrosshairDistance (double distance)
void setCrosshairX (double x)
void setCrosshairY (double y)
void updateCrosshairPoint (double x, double y, int domainAxisIndex, int rangeAxisIndex, double transX, double transY, PlotOrientation orientation)
void updateCrosshairPoint (double x, double y, double transX, double transY, PlotOrientation orientation)
void updateCrosshairX (double candidateX, int domainAxisIndex)
void updateCrosshairX (double candidateX)
void updateCrosshairY (double candidateY, int rangeAxisIndex)
void updateCrosshairY (double candidateY)

Private Attributes

Point2D anchor
double anchorX
double anchorY
boolean calculateDistanceInDataSpace = false
double crosshairX
double crosshairY
double distance
int domainAxisIndex
int rangeAxisIndex

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