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org::jfree::chart::labels::ItemLabelPosition Class Reference

Inherits java::io::Serializable.

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Detailed Description

The attributes that control the position of the label for each data item on a chart. Instances of this class are immutable.

Definition at line 54 of file ItemLabelPosition.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object obj)
double getAngle ()
ItemLabelAnchor getItemLabelAnchor ()
TextAnchor getRotationAnchor ()
TextAnchor getTextAnchor ()
 ItemLabelPosition (ItemLabelAnchor itemLabelAnchor, TextAnchor textAnchor, TextAnchor rotationAnchor, double angle)
 ItemLabelPosition (ItemLabelAnchor itemLabelAnchor, TextAnchor textAnchor)
 ItemLabelPosition ()

Private Attributes

double angle
ItemLabelAnchor itemLabelAnchor
TextAnchor rotationAnchor
TextAnchor textAnchor

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 5845390630157034499L

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