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static JFreeChart org::jfree::chart::junit::BarChart3DTests::createBarChart3D (  )  [inline, static, private]

Create a horizontal bar chart with sample data in the range -3 to +3.

The chart.

Definition at line 185 of file BarChart3DTests.java.

Referenced by setUp().


        // create a dataset...
        Number[][] data = new Integer[][]
            {{new Integer(-3), new Integer(-2)},
             {new Integer(-1), new Integer(1)},
             {new Integer(2), new Integer(3)}};

        CategoryDataset dataset = DatasetUtilities.createCategoryDataset("S", 
                "C", data);

        // create the chart...
        return ChartFactory.createBarChart3D("Bar Chart 3D", "Domain", "Range",
                dataset, PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL, true, true, true);


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