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void org::jfree::chart::ChartPanel::chartChanged ( ChartChangeEvent  event  )  [inline, inherited]

Receives notification of changes to the chart, and redraws the chart.

event details of the chart change event.

Implements org::jfree::chart::event::ChartChangeListener.

Definition at line 1380 of file ChartPanel.java.

References org::jfree::chart::ChartPanel::chart, org::jfree::chart::plot::Zoomable::getOrientation(), org::jfree::chart::JFreeChart::getPlot(), org::jfree::chart::ChartPanel::orientation, and org::jfree::chart::ChartPanel::refreshBuffer.

        this.refreshBuffer = true;
        Plot plot = this.chart.getPlot();
        if (plot instanceof Zoomable) {
            Zoomable z = (Zoomable) plot;
            this.orientation = z.getOrientation();

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